Property Management

Specializing in full-service property management, Neyer takes responsibility for delivering on the property’s obligations to its tenants and for ensuring that the tenants meet their obligations to the property.  Covering a range of property types from modern towers in central business districts, suburban medical buildings, Industrial properties and neighborhood retail centers, we customize our team and our approach to meet the needs of each assignment.  Physical operations management, tenant relations, financial management and administrative services are all part of this service.

Property owners engaging Neyer for property management will retain full knowledge of how their properties are performing without needing to invest a fraction of the time involved in self-performing management.  By investing the time upfront to understand the owner’s goals for the property, we drive the performance in that direction with little need for daily engagement from the ownership.

Why Choose Neyer Real Estate Management?

  • We are the largest independent property manager in the region with over 23 million square feet and 210+ properties in our portfolio
  • Full-service commercial real estate company capable of personalizing our services to fit your individual needs
  • Comprehensive maintenance program including HVAC certified associates on staff
  • Construction management and T/I coordination capabilities
  • Substantial experience working with local governments and agencies
  • Ambitious, hard-working and creative associates, equipped with the full complement of professional tools and techniques and a strong commitment to achieving your goals

Support Services

Institutional Quality Financial Reporting – Neyer Management’s financial management department administers all accounting and financial matters relating to clients’ properties, including bank accounts, receivables, payables, cash management, monthly financial reports and, rent rolls.

Facilities Services – Neyer Management’s facilities services group includes a broad staff of skilled tradesmen to handle repair and maintenance work orders in a timely manner. We are proud to have on staff HVAC Certified technicians.

Construction Management – Neyer Management’s construction experts oversee and coordinate tenant improvements, building renovations, new construction and expansions. They also perform property inspections to ensure compliance with codes and owners’ requirements.

Systemized methods do not always address the complexity of and distinctions among assets. Neyer Management has found that one size does not fit all and realizes some may require services on a case-by-case basis. We provide a complete range of property management services for shopping centers, office buildings, medical offices and industrial properties. Our property managers are experienced and dedicated, not only to you the property owner, but also to satisfying the tenants. Property value enhancement is the overriding goal, through maximizing occupancy and rental rates, and by achieving cost effective operations.

Special Services

Real Estate Tax Appeal Services ● Institutional Quality Financial Reporting ● Construction Management
Research & Consulting Specialists ● Leasing & Brokerage Management Services