Who is Neyer?

Neyer Real Estate Management, LLC is an extension of a tradition of real estate excellence stretching back five generations.

Beginning with skilled craftsmen in the mid-1800s, the Neyer family specialized in the construction of altars for houses of worship. Over the years, they started building the entire church building and then related schools. After World War II, the family got more heavily involved in commercial construction and then the development and ownership of real estate.

Starting in the 1970s, the Neyer family became more active owners of and investors in real estate. With this came the need to provide services for our tenants and maximize safe, steady returns on our real estate investments.

Over time, our tools and practices became recognized as some of the best in the area and partners and clients began asking us to take care of their real estate for them. This third-party work now comprised more than 80% of our portfolio. Neyer Management’s customers benefit from five generations of experience and credibility.

Our team averages more than 17 years in real estate and has experience working for developers, private investors, syndicators, institutional owners, REITs, healthcare systems, governmental bodies and others. We work collaboratively to deliver for our clients and their tenants the best experience in real estate.

Want to learn more about Neyer? Check out this video